F-secure your computer is not safe

Hello, first off let me just say that i really enjoyed the TED talks from Mikko Hyppönen.



OK, enough with the asskissing i have a geniune problem here with my windows 7 machine. I ran into a virus the other day when i was trying to download some software called x-downloader. My F-secure 9.32 (deep guard) detected the problem and removed the threat. no problem there.


it was about 24 hrs later that i noticed this ---> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DbCDsWgdLok78OYTjK8vssLqqm4twh2TfbmzSO_uDPQ/edit?usp=sharing i took a screenshot of it. my system is not secure and when i click on the little flag (right-bottom) i can't turn on the AV anymore. 


ok so i ran into this before and my method was to remove the av and reinstall. everything is smooth after i do this. My question is : is this the propper way of doing it? are there alternate ways to do it correct?


thank you f-secure forum ^_^


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