Virhe XP:llä

Key ei toimi mun XP koneessa. Jotain kernel32.dll virhettä, en nyt muista tarkemmin mitä siinä oli muuta.

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  • Jape
    Jape Posts: 11
    Hi. Thanks for replying. This is/was open issue. That XP machine is in my "food preparation room" (that was weird, actual word is banned LOL) and I'm unable to upgrade OS in it (mainly to newer Windows as HW is so old in it). But thanks anyway, I find some other password solutions for it. This can be deleted.
  • Timo_V
    Timo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    Have you tried with the latest version (1.4.158)? As mentioned in earlier comments, we are not officially supporting XP but at least on my XP it installs ok and the basic functionality works.

  • Jape
    Jape Posts: 11
    I try to do update/re-install in the evening and I report back how it went.
  • Jape
    Jape Posts: 11
    Oh yeah, Key works on my XP. I better keep that installer backed up, just in case =)
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