key codes and passwords deleted after android version upgrade

I recently upgraded to the newest android version 4.4.2. after the upgrade all my information in the f-secure key app was gone. have you seen this before?


  • Niklas
    Niklas Posts: 31

    We will look this up and reply as soon as we get a solution.

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,367 Superuser

    Probably that known trouble in behavior, but how I can to understand - related with Android problems and upgrade to that Android version (?), which deleted user-data or other files (not just about F-Secure Key);


    But possibly from F-Secure team will be more helpful information.

  • EmilL
    EmilL Posts: 16 Former F-Secure Employee

    Fixed version of original reply (good to know):
    "If user had KEY installed and updated to Android 4.4 all data was
    lost if user didn't have data synchronized to second device.

    This was very troublesome because it was 100% related to the way Android updated the system. The system update didn't pay attention to migrating the data for the technologies we use. We were not the only software vendor that got hit with this problem.

    We released a new KEY version (v1.4.158) on GP on 27.3. (last week). This version fixes this problem and system upgrade to Android 4.4 doesn't destroy user data anymore."




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