Can't login on Android after changing master password on PC

Hi there,


I've had Key running well on my Win8.1 PC and on my Android 4.2 mobile for a while. Lately, I've figured i should beef up my master password a bit and changed it on my PC.


Now, I can't login into Key anymore on my mobile app - With either the new or old password. I even tried changing it again on the PC to the older one, and it still won't accept it for the mobile app.


I've tried clearing data for it and uninstalling and reinstalling, but it won't accept the master password on mobile anymore.




  • RanSagy
    RanSagy Posts: 5

    Nothing? I'm left stuck without access to my password on mobile.


    Also, Since updating the PC software, Apparently integration with Chrome etc for auto-entry is broken. Great.

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,351 Superuser



    About autofil and Google Chrome was here:


    It's broken by changes in Google Chrome;



    About your situation with master password - probably I still think that it's can be some of variants, which I wrote for you in private letters (include last - about check with User-ID - like background for other variants).

    Possibly - if it's not known trouble with Android-version..... 

  • RanSagy
    RanSagy Posts: 5

    I appreciate your PMs, but i've tried them and couldn't get it to work so far. I'm hoping someone from F-Secure will care enough to actually support me.

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,351 Superuser

    I sure... that someone from F-Secure will try to help...


    Just like additional to my dreams - probably if it's just "need to recover master password on your Android-device" - how I can to understand - it's not possible "by design"; Master password not store in any F-Secure storages. Just on your device.

    And it's mean.... help here can be in current situation -  just if you met known trouble and your master-password (which you entering) are correct, but it's breaking out by "Key"-android-version.


    All other means:

     - if you have access to PC (with your User Data) - for any same situation - create "export-file" with your passwords (save it to .txt-file) and "back up" in any other place (like USB/CD/DVD, for example).

     - probably.... it's trouble already in different User-ID / broken activate-status for sync-feature;


    Anyway - in common means - password must be work (if that "master password" can to work on Android) - and any help here - just "to find" correct master-password (some my suggestions about what can be wrong - I created by PM).


    Try to check User-ID for understanding.... situaton about devices - still connected between or already not.

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