PM10 cannot load policy domains

PM10 cannot load policy domains: could not access HTTP invoker remote service at [https:localhost:......



  • Peter
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    Please post the complete error message or a screenshot.

  • Peter
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    Seems the H2 database is corrupted. This is the main data repository in PM 10 hosting everything else besides the actual Virus Definition File Updates.


    Do you have a backup of the H2 databases available?If you have, I suggest you restore this as a workaround to the problem at hand. The backup/restore procedure for PM 10 is explained in the PM 10 admin guide (chapter 4, Backing up & restoring Policy Manager data).


    If you do not have a backup and a reinstall is not an option, I suggest you create a new support ticket so we can have a closer look at the case and the available data.

    Note also, F-Secure is working on a PM 10 Service Release targeting to fix the H2 corruption issues as experienced by some of our customers. Exact schedule for this release is still open, but sooner than later...



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    FYI the server is working fine (Client getting updates and policies from it,  but I still can't connect to it with the consol, I don't have a backup of that folder, I reinstalled th FM10 consol and server and getting the same error.


    I have lots of roles on that server and I was hoping not to need to rebuild it.


    are you any close to find a solution to fix this problem.




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    We might be able to help you here but please create a support ticket on the issue.


    Thank you.

  • We are also encountering same problem.  Was this resolved for you guys?

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    Exactly the same here too...


    PM break down four days ago, according to the log files. Reinstall did not change anything.

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    Please open ticket to our support regarding this problem.


    To contact support, please go to following address:

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