Removing quarantined files from portal?



Last night/this morning two of my company's clients upodated thier virus definitions on F-Secure. After doing so an application that previously worked fine was flagged as an genric trojan company wide spread across both locations.


Previously we've never experienced a large scale quarantine such as this so we had to expermient a bit with figuring out how to address the situation. I updated our computer profiles with an exclusion for that application and it has now been pushed out to all the computers in both locations.

I tested with one of the users at one location and saw that the profile was loaded succesfully but the file was still in quarantine so I had manually restore it and then I could access the application.


To save time although I'm sure I'm not going to get to, I am looking to see if there's anyway to manually remove quarantined items on computers from the F-Secure management portal so I don';t have to go onsite and go from computer to computer to remove it from quarantine. 


Any help is appriciated and if any other info is needed to address my concern please ask.




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