Is it just me or?

Hi, just tested this on W7PC and now here to share some thoughts.
Whenever I see my password in plain text my heart stops, unless I want to see them intentionally. This happened on the add/edit page and when I tried the export feature and pressed the export button. Yes I understand that at this point the copy data is in plain text and you're going to paste it somewhere in plain text. Still I wouldn't want to see them in plain text, at least not on the app itself.
I felt that some security steps were missing.
EXPORT: Didn't ask for master password.
CONNECT DEVICES: Didn't ask for master password.
For the plain text part I would suggest something like this.
Add "EDITMODE": Asks for master password, allows viewing of passwords in plain text(enables show/hide), allows deleting entries.
I can understand that this can be frustrating to do on mobile devices since you probably just want to view the passwords there.
Or simply add (show / hide) button to the add/edit page like in the main view.
Call me extra cautious or paranoid but that's what I think Smiley Very Happy



    Connect devices will not ask for the master password in case the master password (i.e. the master encryption key) is active and matches the master password of database from the second device that is synchronized. If the two devices who are synced do not share the same encryption credentials, then you will be prompted for the master password in order to decrypt the synchronized data.


    Stupid me :)


    For the other parts: awesome!




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