I have forgotten master password for Key- how to create a new account to work with on Mac



So I have forgotten the master password. I am useing Mac 10.9.1. How can I create a new account to Key to work with? Reinstallation isn't enough. Thanks!

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    Thats fine, So am I.


    So lessee:


    1)  open terminal (click launchpad -> other -> terminal did it for me)

    The terminal should open into your homedirectory, you can verify this by typing:


    It should display /Users/WhateverYourUserNameIsHere


    then type: (capitalization is important here)

    cd Library/"Application Support"/F-secure and hit enter 

    ls -sl will show you the contents of this directory if you want to see, oherwise just remove the directory with:

    rm -rf Pwmgr/


    Then you can re-install the application from https://download.sp.f-secure.com/key/f-secure_key_mac.dmg for instance.


    Btw the mac I tried this on was running OS X 10.8.5, but something similar should work on newer ones as well







  • Hello,

    You could try to uninstall it, then go delete the following directory:

    /Users/yourUsernameHere/Library/Application Support/F-secure/Pwmgr

    Then reinstalling should have a fresh storage. 


    Let me know how it went.






  • Ok. Can you please give me step by step instructions how to delete that directory? I am a beginner with Mac.

  • Thanks! Now it seems to work.

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