Missing features in F-key

  1. The Notes field should be more Word-like, so I could write and scroll text on more than one line.
  2. A field for entering a link to a home page in which to enter a password, would also be helpful.
  3. Since we all have many different passwords, it feel its limited to have only an alphabetical sort order.
    Why not add a category so that passwords can be grouped. For example: Bank, Car, Hardware, Software, Home etc.
    The Categories should of course not be fixed, but open for each user to add themselves.


  • 1. Idk your usage but the text field is big enough for me at least :)

    2. +1

    3. +1

  • makan
    makan Posts: 18

    3. +1


    for workaound, right now i use [group-name] - [credential id] as name format to make all my entries sort as group


    thank you

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