Delete the entire database in Key?

Is there any option to delete the entire database in Key or do I delete item by item? I would like to start over from the beginning because it became wrong when I impoterade password from another program.


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

    Don't know, but maybe un-install and re-install of Key helps?!

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,367 Superuser

    If you still have that trouble... just uninstall F-Secure Key probably do not help in all situations;


    If you want just delete the entire database - need to uninstall "F-Secure Key: User Data" (or something like that) - it's must be another part of "installations"; Default uninstalling for F-Secure Key without "touch" or "delete" database;


    Or by hand delete ".locaStorage" from local folder for User Data profile about F-Secure KEY; For that steps - can be without un-install/re-install totally.


    Probably it's can to find in some of FAQ about F-Secure Key; But possibly that folder locate about system-drive - user local profile - apps data (with folder about F-Secure);  Or can to found topic about "backup" database. It's things, which can be close to each other.

  • Lauri_H
    Lauri_H Posts: 59 Former F-Secure Employee

    Yeah that should do the trick, on windows you can just uninstall the F-Secure Key: User Data from control panel->programs and features. 


    What OS are you running on?



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