How to migrate policy manager V9 to V10



I have to migrate F_secure policy manager and console to another one. I don't  see the procedure during V10 install.

Someone did this ?

thanks a lot


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    anything special with your V9-installation?


    take a backup of the V9 commdir first

    then start the migration and follow the dialogues.


    no miracles, just do it!



  • Ok. i did it right now and the migration failed at : domaine de strategie in french (policy domain i suppose)

    an idea ?


    thx for your response


    to be sure... i apply the tool on the V9 i suppose ?


    edit: check is ok on the v9 server

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    Hi maxwello,

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    Hi maxwello,

    Kindly make sure that you stop the Policy Manager Server Service before backup the Commdir folder.


    Run the Migration wizard on your PM 10. Admin guide, page 18.



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  • Thanks everyone ... don't laugh at me ..i tried to use the /common/commdir folder....the procedure works fine with the real one...


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