f-secure key manager on 2 accounts on a PC


I have a user account and an admin account on my PC.

I would like to use the manager on both accounts, with the same password data.

When I use the manager in the admin mode, I cannot see the password data when I use the regular user account.

How can this be done.


tx, Joep


  • Hello,

    There is no way as such. But I think that there might be a way, though not officially supported. So you could create a directory which is not specifically under either user.  ( eg: c:\fs-key-shared-data\ ). Then do symlinks from both of your C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\F-Secure\Pwmgr\ directories to the shared directory. That way both of the user specific installations would use the same data. But it would be a bit of a hack and not officially supported.  Another way would be that if you use the premium service, you could just invite the other user account into the same synch group=).



  • tx Lauri,

    I start with symlink, otherwise I use the second option.



  • Let us know how it worked out =)



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