I have problems when trying to import <LDAP or AutoDiscover .389 traffic is accepted.

I got problems when i try to deploy. Noting is imported whe i try to connect to AD LDAP over 389 Same issue when try to deploy "AutoDiscovery" Eric/ Atea


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    Hi Eric,


    can you explain in more detail what you try to do?

    What versions ar e in use that OS are Server and Workstation...

  • Win 2008r2, windows XP
    Try to do 2 different things
    DePLOY with autodiscover, load from LDAP
    No clients appears.
    It seems to be à DNS problem.
    FW open with port 389

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,101 Superuser

    Hi Eric,


    is the console running on XP or on  W2K8?

    Does a single PUSH-install work?

    Do you see the hosts in network neighborhood of windows?

    Try turning off the windows firewall on W2K8.

    Try using the Console on W2K8.


    Best Regards!

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