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I have my passwords stored in an Excel file. How can i import them?

I have tried "Import" but it will not find my xml or xls files





  • Lauri_H
    Lauri_H Posts: 59 Former F-Secure Employee


    Excel isn't really my fortê, not even close. But I did try playing around with it for a brief moment, but couldn't figure out how to get it to look like some other format we support for importing.


    Basically, if you can get your excel-generated to xml to look like what keepass produces, we can import it. There is an example undeneath. You should have an one <Entry> element per password you wish to import, The Notes, URL are optional, if they are missing then its not a problem.  As to how to get your excel to produce something like this, I have no idea.  



                <Value>mandatory descriptive title here</Value>
                <Value>username here</Value>
                <Value>password here</Value>
                <Value>if you have no notes, this can be empty</Value>



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