Protection Service for business support versus Domino server




I'am about to sell an F-secure solution to a customer with a Domino server. The solution I recommned him is Protection Service for Business.


My question is, does PSB support Domino server, I know Panda got a problem there?

They are about 95 users.


Thanks in advance

Jan Skriver

Simitu Aps


  • Hi BR,

    Thanks for your answer.

    When I sold Panda security solution olmost 2 years ago, we were told that Panda Enterprise solutions did not support Domino servers. But I have just checked. They support Domino servers.



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    Hi Skriver3,

    I have moved this post to E-mail and Web Protection board.


    *Credit to Dmitriy for reminding me. Kudos +1.


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