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Would it be possible to get in future releases category system. For example possibility to have a check box for each entry, so that it would not show when ctrl-F2 is pressed if box is checked. I use this for lot of passwords which I do not need to show in the list. Also somekind way to group passwords would be nice, ie. 'Work / Internet / Credit cards / Misc' and so on.


  • NikK
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    Regarding grouping, this is a previous answer from F-Secure:


    We have received quite many requests for grouping entries and your request here does count. As for now I can't promise which future release shall have this feature, but our UI designers are researching options how to this could be implemented in a meaningful way.



    Regarding hiding entries from Ctrl+F2 someone else will have to reply on that.

  • Lauri_H
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    I understand the want of limiting options for the ctrl-f2 menu, Though that one understands typing as well ( You know, open menu, start to type the title of the one you want and itll skip to it ).  


    But I don't really see the need for grouping, can you maybe describe the scenario where/how you would use it? If its implemented sometime, its better to do it the way which solves the issues and problems instead of bringing in new ones. 



  • Petsu
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    Okay, that is good to know that typing works with ctrl-F2 also, although you have to be quick otherwise it starts searching from the beginning of the word if you think too long what you have to type. But it would be nice to have possibility to reduce entries in the list. 


    Grouping for me is just way to get things organized. Maybe this could also be solved if there would be possibility to sort pwd list by colour and/or icon.


    I noticed also that Chrome is not supporting drop down list for pwd's like IE, is this feature coming to Chrome!? 

  • Petsu
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    That works, thanks!

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