How to *DISCONNECT* a device from Key

  • I installed F-Secure Key on an XP system (the installer did not tell me it isn't supported!)
  • I installed on iPhone and purchsed the power-up
  • I attempted to sync; failed.
  • I learned that XP is not supported, so I installed on a Windows 7 system
  • Now I constantly get "Password has been changed on another device" messages.
  • My actual current master password is NOT accepted when I try to Connect the Win7 system
  • I uninstalled the product on the XP system; it didn't help


HOW can I eliminate the connection to the XP system? I'm sure that's what is poisoning my connection attempts.


  • Jouni
    Jouni Posts: 135 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Varzil,


    To disconnect a device it should be enough to uninstall the application. On Windows there is also "F-Secure Key: User Data", which needs to be uninstalled.

    If that didn't help, please try and uninstall the product from your iPhone and then reinstall. Then try the syncing again.

  • Varzil
    Varzil Posts: 2

    Juha T. helped me out directly, with the same advice - backup, full uninstall on all devices, full reinstal, restore.


    I thought I would lose my "sync powerup" but it was still there after this process.


    All good, problem solved.

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