How to *DISCONNECT* a device from Key

  • I installed F-Secure Key on an XP system (the installer did not tell me it isn't supported!)
  • I installed on iPhone and purchsed the power-up
  • I attempted to sync; failed.
  • I learned that XP is not supported, so I installed on a Windows 7 system
  • Now I constantly get "Password has been changed on another device" messages.
  • My actual current master password is NOT accepted when I try to Connect the Win7 system
  • I uninstalled the product on the XP system; it didn't help


HOW can I eliminate the connection to the XP system? I'm sure that's what is poisoning my connection attempts.

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  • Lauri_HLauri_H Posts: 59
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    Seems like quite a messy situation. 

    What I would do is:

    1) export passwords on some windows machine into a file

    2) remove all installations, on windows also uninstall the user data

    3) Fresh installations on iphone & win7

    4) Generate synch code on iphone and input it on win7, you should end up in a situation where the password that was put on the iphone device is the current password on both devices.

    5) import passwords from the file, ie on win7 machine

    6) Verify passwords appear on the iphone as well.


    As to how you got into the mess, Can you perhaps give a more detailed accounting on how you ended up that way? Did you create master passwords on devices before adding them to the synch group? Did you change the synch group master password between device additions? 



    Forgot to answer the actual question. You can't as such currently disconnect a device from the synch group, by other than uninstalling and re-installing ( on windows, just uninstalling user-data would suffice probably). 


  • JouniJouni Posts: 135 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Varzil,


    To disconnect a device it should be enough to uninstall the application. On Windows there is also "F-Secure Key: User Data", which needs to be uninstalled.

    If that didn't help, please try and uninstall the product from your iPhone and then reinstall. Then try the syncing again.

  • VarzilVarzil Posts: 2

    Juha T. helped me out directly, with the same advice - backup, full uninstall on all devices, full reinstal, restore.


    I thought I would lose my "sync powerup" but it was still there after this process.


    All good, problem solved.

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