Couple of small tweaks would improve UX



One needs to click always to enter the master password field to activate it.

Could be activated automatically as in desktop version


Lock button


Important feature, imo should be on the main screen, not behind the menu button


Saved urls


Not sure if I just haven't figured this out but are the saved urls supposed to be clickable or even available without going into edit mode?


  • JuhaT
    JuhaT Posts: 55 Former F-Secure Employee

    Points taken for the iOS master password focus and the lock button. For the latter; We originally thought to have it in the main view. However positioning it next to "Add" function didn't seem like a right choise. As there is the lock timer, we chose to have it in the menu. We will revisit this with our UI designers.


    Now that you mentioned the URL issue I can see the problem. I will also take this up.


    Thanks for the feedback!


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