Automatic locking not working in Android?

Seems like the Key automatic locking does not work in Nexus 7 tablet.  Android 4.4.2

In Win 8.1 PC the locking is frustrating fast but this android in even worse as it is not locking at all. Locking manually from Key menu works but is is too much extra to remember that every time you end up using the tablet.

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  • JuhaTJuhaT Posts: 55
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    We found the problem of why Android was not automatically locking the screen. It is now fixed and Key version 1.3 released to Google Play yesterday fixes this problem. Note that the time out is currently set to 5 minutes. We are working to have the timeout as configurable setting in future releases.


    PS; Windows v1.3 was also released yesterday, you can download that from the product web page. It has the same 5 min locking timeout and also other major enhancements. Link to product page:





  • JakeJake Posts: 77

    Hi Timot, I've managed to reproduce the issue and our R&D has started to investigate this issue. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  • PetsuPetsu Posts: 8

    I have the same locking problem with HTC One, Android 4.3, HTC Sense 5.5

  • timottimot Posts: 27

    Seems to work in Android now. Key was also updated automatically.

    But in Win 8.1 still having the old version. Should by automatic update also in Win. Or at least some update buttom in Key. Now seems to need downloading new version from F-secure manually.


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