Key ei toimi Aktia verkkopankkissa Firefox selaimella

Key ei saa tunnusta ja salasanaa kenttiin, kun yritän käyttää Aktian verkkopankkia Firefox selaimella. Tulee vai tunnukseen pari merkkiä. Operalla toimii ok.



  • Ben
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    Hello Timot,


    Our community is unfortunately not localized in Finnish for the time being. Please repost in English (or German in the appropriate part of the community ) so that we can help you better with your Key issue.


    Could you also precise which Browser version you are using or have troubleshooted this issue with?


    Thank you

  • timot
    timot Posts: 27

    Key does not fill user and password data in Aktia net bank when I try with Firefox. It only fills 2 digits into userID and stops filling. In Opera Key works ok and fills ID and password.


  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Thanks a lot Timot,


    Could you still precise which Browser(Firefox and Opera) version you are using or have troubleshooted this issue with?


    Thank you

  • timot
    timot Posts: 27

    I'm using Win 8.1, Firefox 26.0, Opera 12.16.

    Seems that Key does not work in another Finnish bank either,  S-Pankki. Only tested in Firefox, not with Opera.

    I'm also using F-secure Internet Security 2014 and it includes some bank protection. But taking that bank pörotection off seemed not make any difference with Firefox.

  • matias
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    There are few cases indeed that will do that in the current version of the product and has been adressed in the incomming version.


    There is, however, a simple way to force to enter the username, to do so when selecting the service from the drop down list you can do it with shift + mouse click or shift + enter, that forces fskey to input the username.


    Alternatively, if you'd want fskey to input a password you can do so by selecting the service from the dropdown list with control + mouse click or control + enter


    There's another neat hack, when selecting the service from the dropdown if shift and control are pressed, fskey will input for you username (then an enter) then password (then another enter), which is usefull in situations where you use some command line based tools that requires you to enter authentication, for example putty or other ssh client


    To bring the dropdown list with the services in any place / application you can do so by pressing control + f2, for example open notepad, press control + f2, select a service with shift and control pressed and click it, you'll get it typed for you inside the notepad document.


    If any of those shortcuts does not work for you please let me know




  • timot
    timot Posts: 27

    OK, using shift enabled the username to work and password could be inserted without cntrl key.


    But  this needs extra steps ;-)

    Hopefully better version coming soon.


    Is there any documentation available about the Key, as it seems to have these hiiden features.


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