F-Security Business Suite urgent Need Installation Help

Hello folks,

We have bought the Fsecure business suite and we want to install it on our servers and deploy it and secure all our computers in the network please can anyone help me i was unable to find any solutions online?


  • Hello guys,


    We are in need of FSecure Business suite because we would like to make sure that all computers in our company and all servers theyre being managed by Fsecure businesss suite. I have seen the installation procedure is pretty complicated. I was able to see that there are One stand installation and centralized installation so i m not sure whichone shall i chose can anyone help me who already installed it and knows how to work with it??


    The other question is that on one computer for example there are getting logged in several users they all use their own exchance mailbox how should i do the complete installation so the whole network is managed by a console?


    thanks so much im a newbie and its so hard for me to understand all this

  • Dmitriy
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    Hi Jonas,


    I would recommend you to start with checking out Client Security Quick Installation Guide and Policy Manager Admin Guide that you can find on Support&Downloads page: http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/business_global/support/downloads/-/carousel/view/78. 

  • Chrissy
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    Hi Jonas,

    I merged your two posts together into this one thread to keep things fluid. After checking out the guides that Dmitriy suggested, please let us know any additional questions you might still have about installation/deployment of the solutions!
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