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I've only been using Key for few days now, and I wonder what happens when my current twenty or so entries list grows to fivefold after I drag my ass to actually browse passwords from everywhere. Is it possible to arrange the entries by type to a folder/tree-structure?

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    Getting both is an option. We have received quite many requests for grouping entries and your request here does count. As for now I can't promise which future release shall have this feature, but our UI designers are researching options how to this could be implemented in a meaningful way.




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    The search in KEY is a lot faster way to find the entry you want rather than browsing through folder hierarchies. Therefore we chose not to have folders and tree hierarcies rather do simple and fast search. Shouldn't be a problem with 100+ entries.


    Personal experience; After 8 years with Password Safe and around 200 entries in a folder hierarchy got really difficult to manage and finding what I needed required lot of clicks. Search approach (as in KEY) is much more efficient.

  • Yeah it would help if you remembered how or why you inserted the account. The Search is nice, but I like To catecorize things to their boxes. I guess that getting both is not an option?
  • Yay! \Smiley Very Happy/
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