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I'm dead because something horrible happening with users' computers, that is CS doing automatic restart after update without any single notification.


What thing do I need to change on the policy manager console?


  • Siltanen
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    Hello boboboi,


    You cannot change anything afterwards. The clients you've already started upgrading with the settings to restart automatically, will do so (unless you cancel the upgrade process, which is most likely already done at this stage.)


    This is a one-time setting you need to choose when either exporting the installation package, or prepare it for the upgrade (when you start the upgrade process), the options for selecting the reboot are presented in the (export) wizard at the very end.


    You have the option to choose from automatic reboot, a certain timeframe, or let the end-user decide when to reboot.


  • okay now another issue happened that when CS found a virus , it did automatic restart in oder to complete the removal process, it  should not be like that. I want to stop that from happening

  • Siltanen
    Siltanen Posts: 108 Former F-Secure Employee

    Reboot will happen if the infection is considered as being "system wide infection." There's no way to prevent the reboot.


    However, this really only happens if the offending file is located in for example Windows installation directory.

  • yes before the restart it said something related to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    i dont know but the new version of CS (11.5.309) become so aggressive.

  • Chrissy
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    Hi boboboi,

    Just wondering if you received any resolution to your problem, or is this still happening? Please let us know the situation.
  • I had to change some settings in the policy plus I disabled the protectuon for C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts,

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