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Do you have plans to bring native F-secure Key SailFish OS application or is android application working on SailFish OS?

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    The releases are distributed only via respective app stores. For Technology Previews we are distributing the flat .apk installer. So if you're fine with using all the latest features with beta quality you might want to head to and get it from our tech preview programs (Windows, Mac and Android versions available, no iOS).


    Note that the Technology Preview version will not sync with the main releases available in FSC public web and appstores. Only with other TPs.


    In beta spirit all the features are unlocked, but in exchange we like to get feedback if you encounter any problems with the TP.






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    We're not currently planning to make Key release for Sailfish OS. Lokki guys did try the installer on Jolla device and it started fine. But that's still miles away from officially supporting the platform.




  • Can i get android package? I'm not expecting 100% working app. I just want to see my passwords.



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    Any change in this, support for Sailfish OS (Jolla)?

  • We have tested the latest Android version of KEY in Sailfish but unfortunately it is not compatible enough to be released, even as a beta version. At this point we cannot give any schedule for Sailfish and Jolla support.



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