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Policy Manager 11.10 and offline updates


How can I update my network clients connected to PM 11.10 on server without internet access? fsdbupdate9.exe is not working with newest Policy Manager, and I don't want to downgrade Policy Manager - I already have 11.50 clients.

I can stop policy manager and replace some files, but where to get them, which files?



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  • DmitriyDmitriy Posts: 212
    Accepted Answer

    As noted in other post, there is fixed fsdbupdate9.exe tool available, which is now compatible with Policy Manager 11.10 and the latest client and server security products. Please accept our appoligies for any inconveniences that the problem may have caused.


    Have a nice weekend!


  • DmitriyDmitriy Posts: 212

    Stay tuned. We are aware of the problem with fsdbupdate9.exe and working on a fix.

  • GallGall Posts: 4

    Meanwhile My Client Security (above 200) are not updating... Is there no solution for now? Copying some files from another instance of Policy Manager or something?

  • tletle Posts: 16

    If this was a known issue, it should've been told in the release notes. I was lucky one to test the new version before actual deployment. Only thing I noticed from the release notes was that AUA content path has been changed, maybe this has something to do with fsdbupdate9 not working correctly.



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