Policy Manager 11.10 and offline updates


How can I update my network clients connected to PM 11.10 on server without internet access? fsdbupdate9.exe is not working with newest Policy Manager, and I don't want to downgrade Policy Manager - I already have 11.50 clients.

I can stop policy manager and replace some files, but where to get them, which files?




  • Dmitriy
    Dmitriy Posts: 212 F-Secure Employee

    Stay tuned. We are aware of the problem with fsdbupdate9.exe and working on a fix.

  • Gall
    Gall Posts: 4

    Meanwhile My Client Security (above 200) are not updating... Is there no solution for now? Copying some files from another instance of Policy Manager or something?

  • tle
    tle Posts: 16

    If this was a known issue, it should've been told in the release notes. I was lucky one to test the new version before actual deployment. Only thing I noticed from the release notes was that AUA content path has been changed, maybe this has something to do with fsdbupdate9 not working correctly.



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