FSMA The imported base policy file does not contain...

Hello, after upgrade from FSCS 9.10 to 9.20 I get a lot of emails from the FSMA. Message: The imported base policy file does not contain all the settings for all currently installed products. This may indicate that the F-Secure Policy Manager Console is not up to date. Any ideas how to solve the problem? There are a lot of clients sending this problem so I want to resolve this issue. Any suggestions are welcome.


  • Hi Matthias,

    thanks. I imported the jar to the console an I hope it helps.<br>


    Unfortunately I'm in Karlsruhe at the time of the Anwendertreffen. I really would be with you there to learn new things about FS. Probably the future will give me a chance to visit you. <br>


    Best greetings from Heidelberg Gummibeere / Martin

  • I am just wondering if this type of event happens every year? image

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