FSecure KEY: No way to generate sync. codes

I have installed the PC and Andoid versions of KEY and now hit a brick wall.  From KB article http://community.f-secure.com/t5/Security-for-PC/How-can-I-synchronize-passwords/ta-p/34797

How can I sync passwords between devices?

You can set up password data synchronization across your devices. You're likely to have your password data available on your home and work computer and your mobile device. With F-Secure Key this is easy as you only need to connect the devices once. After that passwords on those devices are kept in sync automatically.

•You need to subscribe to the data sync service before you can use it.
•Both devices need to have an Internet connection

To connect devices & sync passwords
1.On one of the devices, go to settings_icon_key.PNG > connect_devices_icon_key.PNG Connect devices.
2.Select Generate synchronization code and click the Generate code button.
A sync code is shown. The code is single use and it's valid only for one minute. You can always generate a new code if previous expires or you need to connect more devices.
3.On the other device, go to settings_icon_key.PNG > connect_devices_icon_key.PNG Connect devices.
4.Select Enter synchronization code and and enter the sync code that was generated on the other device. Then click Connect.
5.The password entries are synced between both devices."


a) HOW do I subscribe?


I can find nothing in the KB or forums that actually says HOW someone subscribes?



b) HOW do I generate a sync. code?


The PC version's "Connect Devices" page says this: "To generate a sync. code please install F-Secure Key on a mobile device"


The Android client simple allows me to "Create Account" or "Connect Account".

Neither the PC nor the Anrdoid client actually provide any means to generate the damned thing!


I can find no 'Generate' button/link/menu/anything.  Both want me to enter a sync. code generated on the other and neither allow me to do that!


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

    I don't use Key myself, but have you seen the self-help video? The sync processs in the video is initiated from the Android phone:



    Also the User ID must be identical on all devices:


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

    From what I understand you have to use "Create Account" on one device, and then use "Connect Account" on the other devices.


    "Data synchronization is a premium feature you must subscribe to."

    I guess you set this up by creating the F-Secure Key account.

  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

    Can an F-Secure employee or someone who knows how this works help out here please?


    I don't use Key so I can only inform of what I've read about it, and I think it's not obvious on how to get this "premium feature".


    Kraggy, I guess your last post has been marked "solution" by accident. Click the link "Options" in the top-right corner of your post and then select Not the solution. Otherwise it looks as this has been solved already.

  • Jouni
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    Hello all,


    To sync between devices you will need to have F-Secure Key installed on mobile device. Once you have installed the product on mobile device, please select "Create a new account".

    Once you have done this, select "Connect Devices", where you can select "Generate synchronization code". When you are doing this the first time, there will be "Power up sync" -option, which you can use to do the in-app purchase.

    After this you can proceed as instructed in the KB article:


  • EKe
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    I have the same problem..


    I have installed Key to my PC (and created an account). Now I have installed Key to my mobile (Galaxy S2) and I am not able to generate the code because it is NOT visible.


    First I start the Key in my mobile, then I choose Connect account, but the code box is empty. I think that the code is shown very briefly in the screen, but it just flashes once.


    Have I installed the applications in wrong order or something..? :)




  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 935 Rock Star

    Can someone from F-Secure help out here!


    I don't know exactly how this works, but the instructions say:


    1. select "Connect Devices"

    2. then select "Generate synchronization code"

    3. select the "Power up sync" -option to do the in-app purchase

    4. on one device, select "connect devices", then "Generate synchronization code", then "Generate code"

    5. on the other device, select "connect devices", then "Enter synchronization code", enter the sync code from the first device, then "Connect"


    If the data isn't synchronized, see this: http://community.f-secure.com/t5/Security-for-PC/Why-doesn-t-the-data-synchronize/ta-p/35493

  • Jouni
    Jouni Posts: 135 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Eke,


    Did you create a new account also on the mobile device? This needs to be done before you can generate the code.

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