Key import from KeePassX XML fails

Trying to import an XML file created with KeePassX 0.4.3 for Mac OS X is failing.

The Key interface shows “Failed to import passwords from the selected file.”

The Log shows:


[18:01:14:932] -C- file:///Applications/ [32] : [debug] router backStack: #list, navigating to #import
[18:01:15:163] -C- file:///Applications/ [32] : [debug] NewsfeedService stopped
[18:01:26:497] -C- file:///Applications/ [32] : [debug] Try decoding format 0
[18:01:26:498] -C- file:///Applications/ [32] : [debug] Try decoding format 1
[18:01:26:553] -C- file:///Applications/ [32] : [debug] Try decoding format 2


An example XML files exported from KeePassX 0.4.3 looks like this.  I'm not sure how it is different from a KeePass2 (Windows) export.


<username>[email protected]</username>
<title>Google Account</title>
<comment>Google mail</comment>



  • JuhaT
    JuhaT Posts: 55 Former F-Secure Employee

    The XML structure is different, hence Key is not recognizing and compatible with that specific KeePassX file format. It does share similarities over what Password Safe exports, hence extending import support for KeePassX could be done.


    I will take a note of this and look how soon we could have either import for this data format or a produce a data converter tool (possibly extendable) in order to capture the many formats that have been requested. If we choose to do the latter, could you try that and provide assistance in testing it?


    Thanks for the sample!


  • Paulj
    Paulj Posts: 6

    I would be happy to test, thanks for the interest in supporting various import formats!

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