F-Secure Keys feature requests

Downloaded and tested F-Secure Keys password manager program. I have a few feature requests. 1. PC/Windows version: Please provide a method in the installer to allow user to select if the "keys" is allowed to "capture" every single password- textfield in the windows. It is a nice feature, but I would prefer that I would've had a choice in the matter. Settings selection for this afterwards would also do the job. I do realise that this feature only works while the "Keys" is opened, but I still would like to have a choice in the matter. 2. PC/Windows version: Please provide a method to select multiple password entries and delete them. If I want to remove for example 10 entries I will have to make 4 different mouse click for every one of them (=in this example 40 mouseclicks minimum if they are all adjacent to each other). One to select the entry, second to select "edit", third to click "Trashcan", fourth to accept the deletion. 3. Any way to handle multiple password files? I would like to separate my personal password file from the work file. Possibly a folder structure instead. Currently all the passwords are in a happy pile of entries with each other (this after importing over 200 passwords from a competing product) 4. Importing. If I import multiple times the same xml password files from another product (password safe in this case), I will end up with duplicate entries. Would it be possible to be able to select if I want to update existing entries or something?


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