F-Secure KEY on Windows 8.1 and Android

Good morning, I installed KEY on my Windows 8.1 and try to sync the passwords to my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. However I do not get a code from the program on my desktop to enter on mobile device for sync. Any ideas?

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  • Hi,


    I have the same problem. Can't create a key on windows application.


    When I go to the Connect devices menu there is no button to create a code and there is a text saying: To generate a synchronization code, please install F-Secure Key on your mobile device.


    So is it impossible to create that key on windows app? How to solve this problem?


    I don't even have android or iphone. Would like to use this between computers before you manage to make an app for Windows phone. Hopefully also for Jolla's Sailfish OS soon :)


  • Janne
    Janne Posts: 27

    @Stephan wrote:

    Hello Janne,


    Here are two knowledge base articles for you:


    1. How to synchronize passwords:



    2. Why doesn't the data synchronize between my devices?



    Please let us know if this was helpful.


    Best regards,


    Thank you for your links, however as Petteri mentioned there is no button to generate the code.

  • Stephan
    Stephan Posts: 351

    Hello Janne and Petteri,


    In order to sync, you need to purchase the sync subscription.

    This is currently only possible from the Android or iOS client.


    Once you have subscribed, you can generate a code on your mobile and enter it on your PC or Mac.


    I have forwarded your feedback to our product management.


    Best regards,


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