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here my configuration,

I have a network with many site, my policy manager server is on my "master" site whitch can update via a http proxy. this server call : "serv-antivirus", console was installed on port 18080, and manager server on 10080.

Every site have one server with policy manager proxy installed on port 10080. Those server update via my "serv-antivirus"

 on port 10080.

Every pc can update from local server on port 10080.


Here my problem :

Some server and of course some pc can't update. When  i manualy check update, log file indicate  "Update check completed successfully. No updates are available.". but on my manager server "serv-antivrus" the virus definition database is 2011-10-18_02 and on my remote server the database is 2011-08-17_01.

My manager server is already accessible, by ping and http://serv-antivirus:10080.


I my manager console, this box isn't check " allow to return to policy manager server when proxies policy manager are not accessible" (french traduction). wath does it mean ? this can resole my problem ?


Thanck to  your anser




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    thanks for posting so many details, but the mostz im portatnt is missing:

    What version is your PM, PMP and Installation on the Clients/Servers?




  • Hi,


    Thank for your reply,

    the version of PM is 10, PMP 2, worstation 9.00, 9.01, 9.10, Server 8 for 2k server, and 9.00.





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    Did the setup work before?

    please increase the loglevel in FSAUA.CFG and restart FSMA service.

    What do you find in FSAUA.log and FSAUA.dbg?

    If you have PMP in use a PING to your PMS is worthless.

    instead open that URL in a browser (no proxy!!!!), what do you get?





  • Helo,


    I resolve my problem,

    Some update of the fspm can't be installed, because my client have modify f-secure folder right  recently.

    A réinstallation of FSMP10 has resolve the problem.


    Thank for your help



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    hope you send a decent bill! Smiley Wink

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