executables running in C:\windows\temp

I just upgraded my SBS 2008 server to Email and Server Security 10.01. In looking through the settings, I noticed in Monitored Programs that there are several executables with what look like random names running from the C:\windows\temp folder. They reside in subfolders such as ihtemp and inve90_tmp. What concerns me is that the subfolders are not visible in Windows Explorer even when allowing it to view hidden and system folders. I'm assuming these are legit since F-Secure has scanned them, but I am understandably leery. Anyone seen something like this?


  • OGIam
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    Okay, maybe I'm misunderstanding the monitored program display. Since it seems to update frequently, I assumed it was displaying active programs. Is it really just displaying programs that it has seen run at one time or another?

  • Fendy
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    Hi OGIam,


    How about if you uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" in the folder options? Alternatively, you can try to use DOS command:


    Anyway, as long as F-Secure does not detect them as malicious, they can be considered safe.


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