Windows 7 Automatic Updates

We're new to F-Secure Client Client Security Premium for our enterprise.


Need to know if F-Secure can/does take charge of Windows Updates/Automatic Updates configuration at the client.  In other words, does F-Secure affect whatever Windows 7 Updates configuration is in place at the client?


Can it over-ride the client settings i.e. Never Check/Install Updates Automatically/Download Updates But Let Me Choose..., etc.?


Thanks for any help.


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    Hello youngj,


    Client Security Premium doesn't make any changes to Windows 7 Updates configuration, but it disables Windows updates temporarily, when the procedure of patch installation starts, and then returns it to initial state after the installation is completed. This is done to avoid possible conflicts.


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  • But, we´ve seen (reproducable) cases where XP system are left in "windows updates = disabled" state.

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    Could you, please, contact support and provide fsdiag for checking, what could be wrong.


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