Cannot select more than 1 policy domain for User

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How to select more than 1 policy domain for user access? For example : I hope "test" user can access PMS and Server domain policy. How could I do? If cannot from Management Console,is it possible modify from H2DB or Configuration File directly? and I really hope you can add "Edit" button for Users to modify domain policy.thank you!



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    Hi, while it is a good idea to split the PMS domain from any other domain, it is no good idea to allow ANY subdomain-admin access to PMS at all.


    1) So please have the PMS-server only managed by a root account.

    2) create a new subdomain level under root for the company and have all those admins only acces to this subdomain.

    3) The concept does not allow yet to have access to different subdomains so you need to create an additional level


    One last hint: do not change settings in root level (except for PMS-address). This will help when you read an inheritance report where you can now see the changes against vendors defaults instead of changes agains root-domain.


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