Cannot Install Virus Definition completely and show 2008_03_24 on Management Console

Dear Sir :


PMS Server & Management Console : v10.10.44982

Client Security : v9.32.b112/9.20.b682/8.01.b207

Problem : Status -->  Automatic Updates --> Virus definitions updated cloumn (show "Unknown or Blank")

and I see "Download" section : Available packages is 9 items ,but Installed packages only 2 or 4 items.

I am tried to :

1. use Uninstall tool to remove Client Security and reboot,Reinstall but problem exist.

2. use reset-fsaua utility to clean FSAUA\Content Directory and re-download virus definistions from PMS Server.But problem exist.

How can I do ?

* I am very sure the client's network communication with server is OK (TCP 80)





  • etomcat
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    > F-Secure Client Security : v9.32.b112


    You probably need to distribute the hotfix for this very old version to continue working. See:



    Anyhow, F-Secure version 9 is ancient and offers comparatively little protection even when it works correctly. There is a good reason F-Secure 10 and 11 have been developed!


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher from Hungary.

  • Hello! Thanks for reply. It's mean that I need to install hotfix for my all of client using 9.32 build 122 from below picture  and I can resolve this problem? 3.png

  • Ben
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    Hello MichaelYou,


    The mentioned hotfix should help to your problem. However as Tamas stated using the latest (10 or 11) would be a preferred solution.

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