Lots of great ideas in here!

So far as a potential new user I am very dissatisfied with this product. Had I not been a subscriber of Virgin Media services I would not have put as much effort into getting this to work as I have. I was redirected to your site from MyVirginmedia offered 12months free subscription. Originally everything seemed fine, I registered and a link showed to download/run the installer. I used the "run" option for convenience. As my computer had just had it's operating system reinstalled it required a reboot before the installation could continue. This being understandable I rebooted and logged back into your site to attempt another installation. For the life of me, I could not find any kind of page which offered a link to download the installer, the closest I came was to a page that asked me for my details again and to check my email (including junk folder) for download instruction. Nothing was delivered. I tried to chat to a technician only to find on both occasions the service timed out. After various other issues I finally managed to download an installer. On running the installer I am told to contact customer support as it could not complete the operation on the subscription key page. I was never given a subscription key but it did manage to auto-populate with one, one that doesn't work.


My suggestions are as followed;


1. Make a page specifically for re-downloading the installation file

2. Make sure the chat support service actually works

3. Make sure the email client you use actually sends information to our customers

4. Send new users a subscription key or make sure the one that is automatically populated actually works and is valid.


If someone here can help me to get this product working I will be happy to give it a go. So far I have had bad experience but that could be carelessness on my own part rather than the failings of the site and product. If I get a working product and it suits my needs for he next 12 months I would be happy to continue using it with a paid subscription.