What software is updated with F-Secure’s Software Updater?

We are evaluating various anti virus options and F-Secure is one of them. Here it says that "F-Secure Client Security Premium includes Software Updater that ensures that your operating systems and third-party applications are up-to-date" 


What software is by default protected by the software update?

Accepted Answer


  • Does auto update also work when the user is not inside the company's network? i.e. over the internet? 

  • IvanD
    IvanD Posts: 31 Former F-Secure Employee

    Yes, as long as the policy has been set previously (for example to install the updates automatically), the Software Updater component will fetch the updates from the 3rd party vendor's sites.

  • And what does GOLD mean in the list?

  • IvanD
    IvanD Posts: 31 Former F-Secure Employee

    With Gold we identify the first version of any specific software or version (ie without any service packs on top). Its mainly used for manual exclusion purposes.

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