FSCS 11 hangs CIV5

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Just run in to this problem.

I have F-Secure Client Security 11.00 build 332 installed. Trying to run CIV5 gods and kings from Steam hangs the game and  fssm32.exe is hogging 25/50/75% cpu (1-3 cores). Stopping FSGKHS service allows game to run. I noticed this problem after latest Hydra and Aquarius update yesterday, but cant actually recall, how many days/weeks since I've been playing the game. Previously it has been working with CS11.


I reinstalled the game and noticed that also the installer hangs up if I have FSGKHS running. Also reinstalled CS11, but the problem remains. Any advice to troubleshoot ?

I'm running Win7 Enterprise SP1 with latest updates.


F-Secure Client Security 11.00 build 332

F-Secure Anti-Virus 9.50 build 19220

F-Secure Automatic Update Agent 8.35 build 109

F-Secure User Interface 9.34 build 11920

F-Secure Management Agent 8.50 build 43

F-Secure ORSP Client 1.0.25 build 2275

F-Secure Network connections 6.29145

F-Secure Email Scanner 6.00 build 533

F-Secure DeepGuard 5.0 build 309

F-Secure Online Help 1.98 build 1120

F-Secure Customization CS/1.30.01

F-Secure Web Traffic Scanner 3.00 build 909

F-Secure Browsing Protection 2.00 build 492

F-Secure Internet Shield 6.29

F-Secure Device Control 1.00 build 17491



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    Hello hyvokar,


    Please, contact our support. We'll need debug logs from affected host to investigate the issue. Support will provide you with binaries/instructions how to collect logs.


    Best regards,


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