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Windows 8 compatiblity issues

I suspect this has been answered a few times, but couldn't find anything, so here goes.


We have a multi-licence subscription to F-Secure PSB and have the downloand link ending in F-Secure_PSB_for_Workstations_9.00-149_PSB1.exe to install new version on our client PCs.


We have recently made our 1st foray in Windows 8 with a standalone laptop (not on our domain) and when we try and install from this file it says the software is incompatible, whereas the website says this program is compatible.


Any idea what is wrong? How do I install this software for Windows 8?



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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640
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    Hello Footix2,


    You'll find the status of windows 8 support with our products on this page.


    Note that our PSB product starting with  version 9.30 and later are supporting installation on windows 8.

    The version 9.00 isn't supporting installation on windows 8 and it is normal that you are getting an error.


    Please go to your PSB portal and download the latest version (10.00)  currently available on the download part.


    Thank you

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