How to block website using F-secure Policy Manager Console 10?

Please help me guys. Thanks.



  • Could you please describe the situation you are in in more detail? What kind of website do you need to have blocked by what? What is the product combination you are using?
  • I'm using F-secure Client Security and I'm trying to block website www.facebook using F-secure Policy Manager Console 10:


    under F-secure Internet Shield in Console


    F-secure Internet Shield --> Rules -->  Deny

    Im trying to add a deny rule for the  address , but nothing is working. 

    Please help me. Thank you. 

  • Just a small company, I'm just evaluating your fsecure client security.


    Thank you sir. Kudos.

  • MJ-perComp
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    If you are in a small company, you might try to add two lines to the file





    Not working 100%, but annoying enough for your users. Smiley Wink


    Or "Netnanny"



  • Sir, you are saying that Fsecure does not have the ability to block certain URLs but what is the purpose of Internet Shield on the console? 

  • And also in F-secure anti-spyware ---> settings --->browser control ---> all browsers ---> block and allowed sites.

    What is the purpose of that?


    Thank you sir. 

  • MJ-perComp
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    1) Internet Shield is F-Secure's local firewall. So if you want to block certain sites you need to do that on IP/port basis.


    2) select ".../ Browser Control" and read from the help: "...these settings are not used by Anti-Spyware 6.40 and later"

    BC used to be a popup blocker before Internet Explorer and Firefox had their own implemented. With the above settings you were able to allow and deny popups.


    If you want a working URL-Filter with F-Secure you can use Internet Security (for just a few (approx. 5) Systems. Activate Parental control.


    BTW: @F-Secure we have regular requests esp. from smaller companies for Parental Control in the corporate products (but give it a different name ;-) )



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