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Is it a good idea to run ms exchange av?

My firewall is running gateway anti virus and security services.

I then have an email security and spam appliance that scans all email before delivery to my exchange server.

And, of course I have centrally managed client security on all my pc's.


It seems like over kill to also run F-secure av for MS Exchange on the exchange server.

Is there any advantage of doing this?


Will the MS exchange av catch anything the client side av will not?

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  • DmitriyDmitriy Posts: 212
    Accepted Answer

    Today sound security strategy must be based on multilayer protection model. Even though you have AV/security services on the firewall and end-user client machines, you can't be sure that they would be effective to combat external and (that is more important nowadays) internal security threats. Our FSAV for Exchange product employs multiple engines and cloud-based services that allow to detect and block new virus and spam threats without signature databases. Also, the intelligent file type recognition feature makes it possible to block harmful/disallowed files even if they are disguised under harmless file extensions. I can give you a few more reasons/examples what AV for Exchange can do what the endpoint can't, but to put the story short: if you ask me, yes, it is the good idea to have Anti-Virus on Exchange Server.


    If you are worried about performance impact to your Exchange server, FSAV for Exchange comes with out-of-box settings that are balanced between security and performance. You can further optimize performance by checking recommendations in the product admin guide or contacting our product experts.




  • pusaqallpusaqall Posts: 41

    Thanks for the tip and your idea of running AV MS Exchange. It always depends on a lot of things which need to be considered. image

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