Help to remove malware


My system got infected with the malware. it is asking to pay $200 to get the unlock code.I am attaching the screenshot.Please help me to remove this malware.




  • There is no screenshot...

    But for actual help - lets wait for support
  • marg
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    Sorry.Here is the screenshot.Untitled.png

  • Vad
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    Hello marg,


    Do you have any F-Secure Anti-virus software installed on infected computer? I can

    't see it from your screenshot. If yes, is it tuned properly, meaning Real-time scanning, DeepGuard, Browsing protection, Web Traffic Scanning are enabled?


    Best regards,



  • Jayson
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    Hi marg,

    You may run a scan with F-Secure Online Scanner from here.


    Best Regards,

  • Pls help me as my pc also got infected with the malware...I dont know how to remove it... pls help me.. My email is <removed> ......



    Edited: E-mail address removed for privacy protection.

  • I have posted the same in various forums also for solution.. And atlast i found it and recovered my sytem back... thanks to all for your kindful replies.... Smiley Happy

  • BTW - posting your email address where any spambot can pick it up is a guaranteed method of getting an infection or at least, a lot of spam.

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