Different digest settings for different groups

Hello all.


Does anyone know if possible to set different Digest email actions to different groups?


While I have most of users allowed to release messages, I would like to have for a specific group of users to receive digest but not being able to release or delete.


I have not found such thing in v6.x versions.


Thank you

Costas Ioannou



  • Vad
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    Hello Costas Ioannou,


    Unfortunately, I can't find any 6.x products on F-Secure supported products web page:



    Could you, please, clarify what product do you mean? Is it IGK for Windows?


    Best regards,


  • Jari-P
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    Hi Costas,


    It is possible, but a bit complicated to implement. Could you create a support ticket regarding this question.

  • I got the following from PM. Have not tested it yet.

    I just put it here as a reference.


    1. Created the "arelease" buffer queue with "allow.release" helo domain which refeeds back to (localhost). I use rather than to avoid having to edit the "system" rule.
    2. Added "allow_release" spam policy
    3. Changed the "spam" rule in the "allow_release" spam policy to add header "X-Allow-Release: Spam" and reroute to the "arelease" buffer queue.
    4. Created "allow_release" Policy Route that matches sending IP of AND hello domain of "allow.release"
    5. Disabled Spam module for the "allow_release" Policy Route.
    6. Created the "Allow Release Spam" quarantine folder
    7. Added "allow_release_spam" Email Firewall rule restricted to the "allow_release" Policy Route rule to look for the "x-allow-release: spam" header (value must be lowercase here due to apparent bug) and to delete and quarantine matching messages to the "Allow Release Spam" quarantine folder.
    8. Added the IP to the Allow Relay list (for bounces)
    9. Changed "Spam" settings at "End User Services > Filters > Modules > Include in Digest > Spam > Options > Digest Commands / Web Quarantine Commands" to not allow release.
    10. Added "Email Firewall" to "End User Services > Filters > Modules > Include in Digest" .
    11. Changed "Email Firewall" settings at "End User Services > Filters > Modules > Include in Digest > Email Firewall > Options > Digest Commands / Web Quarantine Commands" to allow release.
    12. Added "Allow Release Spam" to "End User Services > Filters > Folders > Include in Digest" .
    13. Created a group that uses the "allow_release" spam policy.





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