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Hi all!


What is the address to log into the admin panel for Protection Service for Email? Earlier I do it here:


Now i have statement:


"Error 403 - Forbidden.


If you feel you've reached this page in error please re-login.

Version 7.2
Error 403 - Forbidden.
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  • Hi.


    It was a cookie problem. I used Opera and everything works fine. But in Firefox I can't still reach the page. I cleaned cookie for Firefox but there is still the same statement. Nevermind. I Will use the Opera, IE or Chrome.



  • Jayson
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    Hi MarcinSz,

    It is recommended to use web browsers below to logon to the Web Console for PSE.

    Supported web browsers: Firefox 13, Safari 5, Chrome 19 or newer version.
    IE 8, IE 9 require compatibility mode. The IE 6, IE 7 and IE 10 is not supported.


    Best Regards,

  • Hi MarcinSz,
    I confirm that it will work with Firefox, because I had the same issue today. In Firefox to be abolutly sure, I cleared EVERYTHING in the "clear all history" option. (Cookies, Cache, Active Logins, offline data, etc.). Then I closed each and every open Firefox windows. Basically the firefox.exe process must not run anymore. Then I reopened Firefox and the access worked.
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