Scan specific folder on many computers.



I'd like to know if I can scan a folder ex. C:\windows\system32 on a lot of computers, by setting it up in the policy manager?


I'm using Policy manager 10.20


As far as I know I go to advanced mode, click the policy tab, and find the scheduled tasks under F-Secure antivirus, in there I can add a task, give it a date/time to run, choose generic and the some sort of parameter to aim at c:\windows\system32, I've tried to just put in the path there but that did not work.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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Morten Elmegård - Statens IT


  • Jayson
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    Hi Morten,


    Please refer Vad's post here.



    Best Regards,

  • Elme2
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    Hi Jayson


    Thanks for reply, I did read that post before I posted here Robot Happy But what I need is information about what the generic command line would be if I wanted to aim at for example c:\windows\system32 ?,


    What excatly do I write in the "Task Type Specific Parameters" field?



    Morten Elmegård

  • Hi Vad


    Thx for answer, I'll test it as soon as possible.


    Best regards

    Morten Elmegård

  • It works! Perfect Vad, thanks a lot!


    Best regards

    Morten Elmegård

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