Brower protection disallowed sites creating lots of traffic



When Client security 11 came out, I updated it to a few test computers and also added a few sites to the the browser protection disallowed sites. youtube was one of those sites.


Yesterday I got a call from our network specialist, that one of the test computers was creating about 50 Mbit upload / download traffic which was interfering with all other traffic.


Upon investigating this, we noticed that when going on pages with embedded youtube-videos the traffic got this high. At least with Firefox, other browsers were not tested.


When I removed youtube from the disallowed sites and distributed the policy, the heavy traffic stopped. I tested then again to add youtube to the disallowed sites and distribute the policy. Traffic got up the the high levels again.


Some users have also complained slowness in their computers. These users are testing the version 11 as well. Browsing protection and web traffic scanning are turned off. I don't know if these issues are related or is there something else going on.


Does anyone have same similar symptoms or experiences using browser protection or Client security version 10/11 ?


  • Vad
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    Hello Sam77,


    Please, provide the report collected by F-Secure support tool on affected hosts to our support for investigation.


    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi!


    I've submitted the first support tools results to the ftp-server. Package name





  • Vad
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    Thank you, Sam. Support team had started investigation of your issue.


    Best regards,


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