Browsers Crashing on all PCs (Macs unaffected so far)

Hello F-Secure support,


We seem to be having issues with all our 40+ PCs, all major browsers are randomly crashing. I saw, in the Firefox crash report, mentions of F-Secure.


Did an update get pushed out today that may be causing this issue please?


  • Yes, I am now sure F-Secure is behind my issues.


    We are getting the following in Internet Explorer:


    Runtime Error!


    program: C:\.....\...\....\FSM32.EXE



    -Not enough space for thread data

  • JDarosh
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    1200+  Machines registered here.


    Same thing happening at a ton of clients. All browsers, event viewer going crazy on Win 7 and XP.


    I have a call in, and just sent an fsdiag in... hoping for a good resolution and fast.

  • Thanks JDarosh,


    It has now moved to bringing machines to their knees. I am also working on trying to get them fsdiag. I am convinced that an update pushed out this morning is the culprit. For now, they need to revert and quick.

  • JDarosh
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    Yeah we have it bringing servers down to, and this is TERRIBLE for business at this point. just rollback is all we need.

  • No server issues here....yet... I think I am going to be proactive and stop all the F-Secure services for now. 


    I tested a few PCs and killing all the F-Secure processes, including FSGKHS, solves the issue. It of course leaves the PC vulnerable and doing this to 40+, or 1200+, PCs is just not that simple.



  • JDarosh
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    yeah, and that's the problem. If it was just this office I would be okay, but this is a lot of clients in a lot of different places.

  • Jagadesan
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    Hi All,

    With regards to your problem, this is a known issue and we are trying our best to rectify this at the moment. Will update you once this issue has been solved.


    Best Regards,

  • Well, they have the fsdiag, now all we can do is wait. I'll keep updating with any new information.

  • Thank you Jagadesan,


    We all look forward to a quick turnaround. Maybe even a reversal to yesterday's code would be good.



  • Siltanen
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    Hello all,


    We're currently working on a fix. As a quick workaround you should be able to disable Web Traffic Scanning from the affected workstations (either locally or from the portal side).


  • Tularis
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    The Portal is Down, Yo


    The system cannot respond to your request.
    Our service is temporarily unavailable due to scheduled maintenance. Please try again later.

  • I don't think F-Secure understand the meaning of 'Scheduled' :s

  • Tularis
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    Also now it's backup how can I "Quickly" Disable Traffic Scanning?

  • Siltanen
    Siltanen Posts: 108 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello everyone,


    We're really sorry for the inconvenience caused!

    The portal should be working now.

    Here are the instructions on how to disable Web Traffic Scanning:

    From client side:
    F-Secure -> Settings -> Virus and Spyware scanning -> Untick: Scan and remove viruses from web traffic

    From portal side:
    Profiles -> Profile Editor -> Select profile you wish to edit -> (Click on pen icon to edit) -> Settings tab -> Real-tine scanning -> Untick: Scan web traffic and remove viruses -> Save profile

    Now you can either assign the profile to the selected problematic workstations, or if you edited the profile that is currently in use in the problematic workstations, they'll download the new profile automatically.

  • Tularis
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    The Portal is still down.


    And it doesn't help that we have to use the "Throw a Six to start" Profile Manager... Smiley Sad

  • I have turned F-Secure back on, on my PC, and checked for updates. F-Secure shows that it is up to date, but my browsers are stiull crashing. Can you share what version numbers I should be looking for, to ensure I am running the corrected code please?


    Here is what I am showing:


    F-Secure PSB Workstation Security 9.30 build 1260

    F-Secure Anti-Virus 9.31 build 18390
    F-Secure Automatic Update Agent 8.26 build 6272
    F-Secure User Interface 9.33 build 11367
    F-Secure Management Agent 8.22 build 98
    F-Secure ORSP Client 1.0.25 build 1593
    F-Secure Network connections 6.29126
    F-Secure Email Scanner 6.00 build 524
    F-Secure DeepGuard 4.10 build 50
    F-Secure Online Help 2.02 build 1031
    F-Secure Customization PSBWKS 10.10.03
    F-Secure Sidebar Gadget 1.00 build 349
    F-Secure Browsing Protection/SW 1.10 build 5822
    F-Secure Browsing Protection/ES 1.10 build 1039
    F-Secure Internet Shield 6.29
    F-Secure Software Updater 2.00 build 1260

  • Siltanen
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    Hello forteinteractiv,


    The exact update name is Scanner Manager Update 2013-06-26_01 (faulty one was Scanner Manager Update 2013-06-25_01)


    You can check if you already got it from F-Secure -> Settings -> Other settings -> Downloads (it lists all the downloaded updates and timestamps)


    It is possible the portal doesn't offer the update yet to your client, however it should do so within the next hour.

  • Tularis
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    Ok So If the Issue was caused by PSB 9.30 and PSB 10 has been release why havent the clicent been updated to PSB 10 Automatically?


    Do we know when they will be?

  • I am still waiting for this update to come through. Any idea on how much longer? Is there a way to get the file and manually do the update?



    Is there a 10.0 that does not have this issue? If so, can I manually download and install that?


    Thanks for the help!

  • Tularis
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    You can download 10.0 from the PSB Portal.

    The Direct Link is:


    You will need to uninstall, reboot remove your PC from the portal and then reinstall.

    If you do not remove the PC from the portal then you will run out licenses, as the removal does not remove the PC from the portal... Annoyingly.


    We found that we could mitigate any important customers with installing 10.0 to fix the issue. But we have to many clients to manually install 10.0

  • Yeah, the uninstallation makes this too long of a task. I will continue to wait. Thanks for the heads up.

  • We are finally receiving Scanner Manager Update 2013-06-26_02 and it seems to have corrected the issue. My PC has been running smooth for over an hour.


    Thank you, F-Secure team, for correcting the issue.

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