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Can you tell me if F-Secure have rolled out a signature to detect and delete the Citadel Botnet as mentioned here


thanks for your advice


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    Further info,


    after confirmation could you tell me what the signature name is so we can check our systems.



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    Citadel banking trojan (and Zeus which it derived from) has been known for more than a year already. Please check our H1/2012 threat report ( If you are using our latest software with DeepGuard4 technology, then you shouldn't worry about it. On systems running the old versions or no anti-virus at all, you can check them with our Online Scanner ( Also, make sure you have the OS and applications fully patched on your computers.

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    Many thanks for you reply. Just a bit more information from me to make sure we are covered.

    We are running F-Secure Client Security 9.20 build 274 on our estate.


    The Deepguard version we are using is F-Secure DeepGuard 3.00 build 190 and I would also add that we are receiving these error alerts

    Message: DeepGuard configuration was rejected. Old configuration will be used if possible.

    Error code: XML parse failed!


    The main question I would like answering though is what is the infection name for this signature (for example: Exploit:Java/Majava.B)


    I appreciate your help in this matter



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    I am not the malware researcher, but as far as I remember Citadel trojan could be dropped to the system via Java or PDF exploits. Java/Majava.B could be one of those.


    I would strongly recommend you to upgrade to the latest version of Client Security. DeepGuard has been significantly improved in Client Security 10 and can block exploits more effectively.

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