FSPMS 10.x and FSCS 7.11?

Hi everybody,


first of all, yeah, I know that FSCS 7 is end-of-life already.

Though the following question I couldn't answer in the techpub section:


  • Can I run FSCS 7.11 (AV 9.20, AUA 8.25, UI 9.23, MA 8.20) clients with a new FSPMS 10?
  • Can I update directly from FSPMS7 => FSPMS 10

Thanks for any hints,



  • Ben
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    Hello Matthias,


    As you mentioned the products are End-of-Life. If you try any of the configuration you stated nothing therefore would be supported and you will most certainly end-up with multiple issues on the machines.


    In addition updates for FSCS 7 shouldn't be available anymore so you'll end-up with obsolete virus definition if any.

    Please refer to Dmitriy's post:


    "Starting from the beginning of 2012 we will cease distributing software and database updates for any of the products listed above. Since active window of a typical malware these days is less than a week, hosts using any of these product versions will be no longer protected even if the product keeps on running."


    That means that earlier product (7-series) also ceased to receive any update at that time (over a year ago).



  • blindzero
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    Hi Ben,

    well I know about the support issues. My question is just about "does it plainly" work ;-)

    But thanks,


  • etomcat
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    You would probably need to upgrade to FSPM 8->9->10.x. Probably not worth the effort. Why not start over from scratch with FSPM 10.20?


    The FSAVCS 7 clients could be wiped with F-Secure Uninstallation Tool and then be installed with FSAVCS 10, provided they are muscular enough to take the system load (min. 1GB RAM, dual core CPU highly recommended and hard disk should have ample free space, not just a few tens of megabytes). FSAVWKS 10.00 can be run with just 768MB of RAM and single-core CPU with a measure of patience.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • blindzero
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    Well it s some kind of awkward, but it seems that we have already the FSCS 9 running...

    The "info..." page of the clients are bad! They say F-Secure Client Security 7, but its already a 9!

  • Ben
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    Hello Blindzero,


    I would advise you to open a support ticket to clarify the situation and status of your machines.


    The info page might be showing the wrong version if an improper update path was used.


    Please provide a fsdiag so that our support agent can check the exact version installed and the status of the workstation.



    Thank you

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