(unknown) software under firewall activity tab



I just noticed i have 2 (unknown) software listening on port 1900 UDP and 6771 UDP according to firewall activity tab.

Is there any way to know what those (unknown) software are and why they are shown as (unknown) instead of real name?

I am using Client Security 10.


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    Hello Jukkisfd,

    In order to find out which process is using a given port enter the command line:

    C:\>netstat -aon | findstr :1900

    C:\>netstat -aon | findstr :6771

    You should get a similar output as the following :


    You'll get all the process using the given port and its ID (last column).
    Enter now the following command:

    C:\>tasklist | findstr XX

    In addition the following tool will allow you to see all the processes running on your machine and their dependencies

    Finally from a quick search, port 1900 UDP seems to be officially used by Microsoft SSDP Enables discovery of UPnP devices and port 6771 UDP used  unofficially by Polycom server broadcast.

    Hope that helps you.



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